An All-Inclusive Guide to Navigating Amman with Your Pet


Navigating Amman, like many Arab nations, can be challenging for pet owners due to various reasons. Some establishments may have restrictions on pets for valid reasons. Therefore, here’s a guide to pet stores, grooming pet spas, and pet-friendly cafes that will be a delightful experience for both you and your furry friends.

Starting with Pet Parks and Pet Care, because nothing is more important:

Smart Pet, located in Dahiet Al Ameer Rashed, is the perfect place for your feline friends to be groomed and pampered like the ancient Egyptian royalty that they are. Everything from fleas to matting can and will be a thing of the past. Treat your cat to the spa experience they deserve.


Looking for more shopping bonanza? The Pampered Pet is the place to go. Ever wanted those platform thingies that cats can jump from to and fro? That and more can be found at this almost-emporium of pet supplies and playthings.



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Interpersonal relationships and just your dogs being social are critical to their health and wellbeing. If they’re with humans for too long, dogs may even start acting human, taking your place on the couch, bossing you around, and demanding your attention like a slave.

Okay, yes, that’s normal behavior, but the point still stands: relationships and contact for dogs are very important. So, Pet Lodge on Airport Road is a great place for a little playdate with other doggies. As an added bonus, dog visitors will receive a bath and nail trimming, letting you hug them as they’re happy and smelling good when you pick them up!



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