Discover The Symbolism And Craftsmanship of Traditional Jordanian Clothing


The saying goes the larger and more extravagant the Shall & Thobe, the happier her family is:

Let’s delve into the world of traditional Jordanian women’s clothing, tracing the threads that have shaped these garments. From the distinctive chemise to the ornate headdresses, each element makes up a unique and fascinating story. You really see the intersections of cultures portrayed in the dress.

Geometric patterns, full of bright colors, adorn these Thobe dresses. They are a mixture of all the different cultures our people have interacted with. The red and gold embroidery is originally inspired by Persian court fashion.

With Syrian head ornaments and jewelry making up a vital element of the whole ensamble!

The 3 components the make up the attire change depending where exactly in Jordan you’re from, here’s a summary:

In essence, the women’s attire typically consists of a chemise (qamis, thob) in various forms, a long dress (thob), a sash, coat, or jacket (jubba), and a headdress with varying degrees of complexity. The headdress often includes a cloth (shaal, usaba) and a headband (asba).

But, of course, the exact type, color, and combination of these elements are what bring so much diversity to these traditional clothes.


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