Dock Your PS4 Consoles On These 3 LED Dual-Charging Stations After A Long Nail-Biting Game


Tweak up your little gaming space to a full-on gaming DEN with these 3 LED dual controller charging docks!

Since you’re already spending so much of your time gaming these days, why not add these cool gadgets to refine your gaming station to an electrifying hubbbb?! A room that all your buds will be drooling over when you finally get a chance to call them over to your very own brand new modified gamers den!!

Just dim the light and let the charging dock’s LED lights take centre stage.

3. Charge both your PS4 controllers simultaneously with this lit up PS4 Controller Dock Station

Promising review:

“Very useful and good: Good at charging 2 controllers at the same time.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 25.

2. This Dual Wireless Controller Charger can fully charge two PS4 consoles simultaneously within just 3 hours!!

Promising review:

“Product is Perfect. It’s my 1st time to know controllers could be charged from opposite side as well. It’s safer for socket… Very fast delivery. Thank you.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 43.

1. How HIPP is this UFO Shape LED Dual USB Controller Charger?! This electro beauty of a charger makes for the ideal resting place for your PS4 controllers when you are not playing

Promising review:

“Loved the product…can charge both the controllers together now…”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 31.75.


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