The Dubai Hospital Waived A Resident’s AED760,000 COVID-19 Medical Bill


Amazing story of the Dubai Hospital waving a huge medical bill for an Indian resident who couldn’t afford it.

Odnala Rajesh, an Indian construction worker, was admitted to the Dubai Hospital in April with COVID-19 symptoms, he tested positive and spent 80 days under medical care tackling the virus.

Fully recovered, his final bill amounted to AED762,555.24, which he or his family were unable to pay.

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Mr Rajesh recovered fully and his family were unable to afford the medical bill or the repatriation costs

On receiving a COVID-19 negative result, his family attempted to help with his repatriation but could not afford the medical bill or the flights.

Fortunately, his case was closely monitored by Gulf Workers Protection who brought the information to the Indian Consulate General of Dubai. The Consulate then wrote a letter to the hospital requesting they waive the medical bill, and the plea was accepted. Rajesh landed back in the Hyderabad International Airport on Wednesday and he has been granted 14-day home quarantine.

The large sum was waived on humanitarian grounds, while his flight was paid for by a social worker, according to reports

He received 80 days of treatment before he was finally discharged

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