Two Dubai Business Men Single-Handedly Rescue A Sea Turtle From Choking To Death


Two Dubai Business Men Single-Handedly Rescue A Sea Turtle From Choking To Death

Not all heroes wear capes and here we are hailing two such Dubai-based heroes that single-handedly rescued a sea turtle from choking on a polypropylene plastic bag.

The turtle was lucky to have been discovered by Fahim Al Qasimi and Sean Dennis (Founders of Sea Foodsouq – an e-commerce platform facilitating direct from source Seafood with 100% traceability in the UAE) who cut through the plastic bag that the turtle was entrapped by.

It’s ironic that animals have to rely on humans to be rescued after getting into life-threatening situations that are ultimately created by us humans… lol the sheer irony.

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This freediving adventure that turned into a turtle rescue real quick took place on Saturday morning (August 1) around 7am at Dibba, a city north to Fujairah

Fahim and Sean have one message and one message only for those reading: “STOP LITTERING”!!!

“Please please please stop throwing rubbish into our oceans. Little guys like this get caught in them and luckily we were there to cut through the plastic bag that he was caught in #turtle #uae #ocean.”

They named the brave little sea turtle Thiago and released it back into the waters once they freed the turtle from the plastic entanglement

The choking turtle was initially discovered by Sean Dennis after which he hollered at Fahim Al Qasimi, and together they rescued the tiny reptile’s life


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Please keep in mind all the turtles and sea creatures you’ll be endangering the next time you carelessly litter…

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