Dubai’s Confusing Weather May Just HIGH-Key Be Telling You To Stay Indoors This Eid Break


Dubai’s Confusing Weather May Just HIGH-Key Be Telling You To Stay Indoors This Eid Break

You might just think it’s nature telling you to stay indoors, but NO, in fact, it’s Dubai telling you to stay indoors! Major brownie points for those who can guess why… and if you guessed cloud-seeding then a 100 points to you.

The confusing weather thas been swamping over Dubai on Sunday afternoon, is the result of cloud seeding as confirmed by the National Center of Meteorology, (NCM).

Confused residents are completely shocked at the sudden change of weather that raged on with ZERO warning signs. From a hot and dusty morning to a sandy/dusty afternoon that was almost immediately followed by thunder and light showers.

…Sandstorm and rainstorm… what a great combo *facepalm*.

Cloud seeding getting mother nature all confused once again…

On a serious note, the NCM has advised all UAE residents to take precautions when driving as strong winds and heavy rains could lead to poor visibility. Residents are also being cautioned to stay away from areas of flash floods and accumulated rain.

Hail was also on the list of ‘Dubai weather events’ on Sunday afternoon… Seriously how random could today’s weather get?!

Well… ’nuff said! This tweet just about sums up today’s weather PERFECTLY!

Weather predictions: “A clear sunny day for Dubai”

Dubai: *Urmm NO*…

Clearly Dubai roads are full of inflatable pools just flying around LOL…

If you’ve got an inflatable pool that’s still lying outside, intact, then HURRRYYY and anchor it down with something before that blows away too!

Many Dubai residents were also treated to a super RARE rainbow sighting today!!


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