FIFA to Vote on Sanctioning ‘Israel’ Lead by Prince Ali


The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) will be petitioning FIFA Congress regarding Israeli Occupation’s FIFA membership due to atrocities against Palestinians, especially athletes, in Gaza. The aggression against Gaza, starting October 7, 2023, alongside past violations, is cited as the main reason for the petition.

Back in January, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein stressed the need for action against Israeli Occupation aggression in Gaza and gained support. Seeing no change in FIFA when it comes to agreeing with the PFA, as the acting director of Jordan’s Football Association & lead on West Asian football, he fast-tracked the petition to be brought up in Bangkok on the 17th during the FIFA General Assembly.

Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestinian Football Association, submitted a resolution to the FIFA Congress aimed at holding Israeli Occupation accountable.

Rajoub accuses the Israeli Federation of violating FIFA regulations by operating clubs in West Bank settlements, deemed illegal. He highlights racism within the Israeli Federation and its impact on Palestinian sports – The Israeli football association has playing fields and actively creates events in occupied territories in the West Bank (so-called settlements) – by having these events, matches, and fields in internationally recognized illegal areas, there should be a strong case for such sanctions.

But as we all know, the story is a little more complicated than that…

Israeli Occupation’s Foreign Minister is threatening to arrest the President of the Palestinian Football over the resolution.

Even though 7,256 sports figures, including 41 children, have been killed in the war on Gaza, there has been a lack of condemnation against the Israeli Football Association’s actions, with even the Israeli Occupation’s Foreign Minister threatening to arrest Rajoub over the resolution.

Rajoub is confident though that newfound support, FIFA regulations might have a chance of pulling through. He reaffirmed the Palestinian right to manage sports and hold Israeli Occupation accountable.


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