Iranian Drones and Missiles in the Skies Over Amman


Social media users around Jordan shared a video clip early Saturday morning showing fragments of missiles seen over the skies of Amman and in Jordan’s southern Al-Hasa region over the weekend. These fragments landed near residential areas close to the Al-Bakri Roundabout in Marj Al-Hamam, Amman on Saturday night.

Jordan’s airspace witnessed multiple drones and missiles launched from Iran towards targets within Israeli territory.

Jordanian citizens documented the explosions that illuminated the night sky after Tehran announced the launch of hundreds of drones and missiles towards Israeli targets on Saturday evening in retaliation for the recent bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria.

Witnesses reported sightings of Iranian drones and missiles in the skies over Amman

‘Israeli’ forces scrambled to intercept the drones, anticipating GPS disruptions, while Yemen’s Houthis also joined the assault in coordination with Iran. Despite over 100 drones being intercepted, reports suggest U.S. and U.K. involvement in downing them.

As Iran’s Chief of Staff declares an end to the attack, warnings of retaliation loom large, with threats directed at ‘Israeli’ and U.S. interests.

Stay informed on the latest developments and potential repercussions.


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