Jordan Mobile Prostitution Revelation


In a recent investigation by Roya News, alarming revelations have surfaced concerning an online App & a new form of prostitution. Through thorough examination, troubling information has been brought to light regarding the use of a specific mobile application.

The app, which remains unnamed, allows users to engage in video calls with individuals offering sexual services in exchange for money. Users are able to engage in video conversations with individuals offering services for payment in virtual coins.

Prices for these calls can vary, but the investigation found that users pay 60 gold coins per minute. Users can purchase 660 gold coins for around JD 2.7, which is alarming since there is not surefire way to track what money is being used in the call capabilities of the app, or if for more illicit reasons.

Call to Action by the Community

These findings necessitate a proactive response. Legal experts emphasize the potential how these organizations exploit the most vulnerable of society, and stress the importance of law enforcement intervention who are trained to combat such a complex issue.

Dr. Ashraf Al-Rai, a legal expert, advises that people remain vigilant as there are severe penalties including imprisonment for no less than six months and fines ranging from JD 3,000 to JD 6,000.


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