Jordan Secures 7-0 Victory Against Pakistan In World Cup qualifier 


You know it! Our national team is one step closer to achieving greatness, achieving the almost impossible, winning the World Cup!

But in all seriousness, last night’s win against Pakistan made it so Jordan will be sitting close to the top of the standings going into the hard-fought elimination round. The win gives us just enough breathing room during qualifiers to get any pre-World Cup jitters out before the tough games.

What a win that was! 7-0, can you believe it?

Amman went crazy; elephants were flying in the street, pure mayhem! Okay, not really, but all the cafes and places where one would watch football started shouting in excitement at exactly the same time, almost like a quick bell ringing across Abdoun, at the very least.

The crowd was jam-packed, and someone special was in attendance: Crown Prince Hussain

Our sprinkle of Royal Magic was right in the front of the stands, cheering the national team on! Adding this to the recent decision by the royal court to award the national team for their previous success during the Asia FIFA Cup, it seems our crown prince holds the football team close to his heart. 


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