Jordan vs Qatar AFC Asia Cup Highlights


Ok so that was crazy, let’s take a look at the absolutely wild AFC Asia cup finals and the major takeaways from the game

The start

Jordan started the game strong with a flurry of action but Qatar’s Barsham was like a brick wall!

20 minutes in, first heartbreak

Afif is clipped from behind by Nasib in the box right in front of goal. VAR checks the incident and rules in favour of the home side which leads to Qatar first goal of the game.


Goal attempt after goal attempt is swatted away by a strong Qatari backline, and the halftime whistle keeps the state of the game 1-0 to Qatar.

67 goal of a lifetime

A cross from the right that lands perfectly for Naimat who takes a touch and buries the ball into the net off of a half-volley. Jordan regains hope, and so did I in this fateful moment.

Downfall on the 72 minute

Almardi gets in Ismail’s way and trips him inside the box as Qatar’s attacker was making a run on goal. After a VAR check, Qatar was awarded the second penalty of the night that led to a 2-1 score line.

The 76’th minute last chance

Jordan pushed for the equalizer with Naimat attempting a diving header but misses the target by whiskers.


Qatar clenches it with a third penalty goal of the game.

Look it was a hard fraught game, but both teams did their countries proud, and it was an amazing game to witness!


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