Jordanian Citizen Injured in Attack on UN Vehicle in Rafah by Israel


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong condemnation following an attack on a United Nations vehicle in Rafah. The incident resulted in the loss of one UN staff member and left a Jordanian employee injured. The Ministry attributed this escalation to Israel’s intensified military operations in the region.

Ambassador Dr. Sufian Al-Qudah, spokesperson for the Ministry, stressed the imperative of safeguarding United Nations personnel and relief workers who provide crucial humanitarian aid to Palestinians, especially amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Holding Israel accountable as the occupying power, Ambassador Al-Qudah denounced continued aggression against Gaza.

The Ministry affirmed its commitment to coordinating closely with the United Nations to ensure the prompt and safe evacuation of the injured Jordanian citizen from Gaza.

This comes as Jordan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the extremists who entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday.


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