Jordanians Are Spending Over 600 JD A Year On Cigarettes


JD 540 – The average annual expenditure on Cigarettes

A recent report from the Jordanian Economic Forum brings to light the spending habits of Jordanian households on tobacco products and cigarettes, revealing an average annual expenditure of JD 540. This expenditure represents 13.5 percent of their total budget, ranking second only to meat and poultry.

Yes, Jordanians are spending 13.5% of their Total Budget…..On Cigarettes

Not Judging this is a wake-up call to me as well.

According to the findings from the most recent survey by the Department of General Statistics, people are spending less on tobacco and cigarettes everywhere but Amman, where it is notably lower compared to other the Arab Region as a whole, standing at 12 percent as opposed to the range of 13-15 percent observed in Syria or Lebanon.

Nonetheless ~~~ The report focuses on the health hazards associated with smoking, including vaping, underscoring its role in the onset of various non-communicable diseases (Lung Disease/ Cancer) and its grave impact on public health in Jordan. Shockingly, smoking claims over 9,000 lives annually, with a significant portion of the victims being under the age of 70.

From an economic standpoint, Jordan’s importation of electronic cigarettes amounts to 1.4 million dinars each year, accompanied by around.. I don’t know…. Some 18,596 kilograms ( Or 47 Elephants ) of liquid cigarette preparations between 2020 and 2021.

Note: Despite contributing approximately JD 889 million to the annual economic activity, the tobacco industry faces staggering losses amounting to JD 1.6 billion, equivalent to 6 percent of the GDP in 2015…..

The primary objective of the report is to devise comprehensive strategies addressing the dual challenges of public health and economic repercussions posed by smoking. It advocates for collaborative efforts between the government and civil society to curb smoking rates and enhance public health.

The forum puts forth several recommendations, including the enactment of specific legislation, intensified awareness campaigns, and provision of assistance to those endeavoring to quit smoking. Special attention is given to the supportive role of family and friends in aiding individuals through the cessation process.

If want to try to quit smoking:

Check out the The Smoking Cessation Clinic (CSC) over at the King Hussein Center at

Phone:( +962 6 5300460 ext. 7979 -1700 – 1701 ) or Mobile: +962 77 8444517

Or here at their Website


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