Jordan’s Radio Museum and Why It’s a Must-Go!


The coolest thing, well if there’s anything cool about being colonized, is that the British, in all their imperial superiority complex, erected quite a large radio tower array throughout Jordan, mostly to facilitate their control of Egypt at the time, and link up with their Kuwait and Arabian Gulf colonies. But still, as Jordanians, we can boast of a storied heritage of radio and film in Jordan.

A story of some of the region’s first radio stations, a strong radio presence in both news and just normal media like songs and conversation pieces. Whatever the form of content, it can be said that we are a nation of radio listeners even till today, in the age of Bluetooth and Spotify.

In honor of that heritage, Prime Minister Khasawneh inaugurated Jordan’s first TV & radio museum.

If you’re itching to go, the new museum can be found on Prince Hasan Street, and they will be offering guided tours to whoever would like.

Come on, you have to go!


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