King Abdullah Receives Iraq President Abdul Latif Rashid


On Monday King Abdullah held meetings with Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid at Basman Palace.

The talks, which began as bilateral talks over energy rights later expanded into a wider talks attended by Crown Prince Al Hussein. Addressing current developments, His Majesty cautioned that the regional situation might escalate further, posing threats to security and stability.

Both leaders emphasized the urgency of halting the aggression in Gaza and striving for a just, comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.

This solution, they said, must safeguard the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and end the cycle of violence. His Majesty stressed the imperative to protect civilians in Gaza and enhance the delivery of humanitarian aid through all available means.

Both leaders denounced settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank and violations of holy sites in Jerusalem.

The discussions touched upon avenues for enhancing cooperation across various sectors, such as energy, industry, and trade.

President Rashid emphasizing the deep-rooted ties between their nations & highlighted Iraq’s pivotal role in regional stability and appreciated Jordan’s support, particularly in combating terrorism.


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