King Abdullah Visited Central Badia On Wednesday With Bani Sakher


King Abdullah II’s visited Central Badia, where he was joined by Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Crown Prince Al Hussein.

His Majesty had a meeting with prominent figures and representatives from the local community at Al Mushatta Palace yesterday as part of his outreach to governorates and Badia regions, marking the Silver Jubilee occasion.

Fun History fact: The Beni Sakher, which is the main tribe the king meet with, can be traced back to the 3rd Century AD, making the Clan 1800 years old!

The Beni Sakher is made out of many clans, both through ancestry and alliances. These clans are primarily separated into three groups, Al-Twaqa headed by the princely Al-Fayez family, Al-Ka’abneh headed by the Khreisha family, and Al-Khdeir! Which together, and this is the crazy part, make a up a plurality of the Jordanian population!


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