For Those WFH These 6 Desk Pads Are Here To Make Your Lives A Billion Times More Efficient


Working from home without the proper equip can be quite a task.

Although, adjusting to the work-life from home can be made easier with the right tids and bits to keep you comfortable and non-distracted as you work away at a possibly intrusive environment (depending on your home situation… and if you have kids then you might need this all the more).

So check out these 7 large computer pads, at affordable rates that will help keep your workspace at home organised and mess-free.

7. Waterproof Leather Laptop pad for Office and Home: Made of microfiber and ever so efficient!

The large smooth gaming mouse pad protecc more than she attacc!

Promising review:

“I love it, good quality!!”

But it from Amazon for AED 52.48.

6. Dual-Side Use Desk Writing Mat for Office Home: What is this perfection peoples?!

Non-slip, leather and something that we ourselves are going to order right now bahaha!

Promising review:

“Perfect item and a very reliable and genuine seller. High-quality product, worth more than the money. If you buy this product you will never be disappointed.”

But it from Amazon for AED 34.64.

5. Dual-Sided Ultra Thin Desk Pad Office Desk Mat: Water-resistant, heat resistant and just a treat all in all!

But it from Amazon for AED 53.

4. This Mat Blotter Protector Extended Non-Slip Laptop Keyboard Mouse Pad in pink adds a nice pop of colour to that werk space

Promising review:

“I like the texture and colour. it’s very easy to clean … The size is very good as well…”

But it from Amazon for AED 98.

3. Thick Writing Mat for Office and Home: The texture that’ll have you obsessing for quite some time! Plus imagine what a sa-weeet IG backdrop this FireBee mouse pad would make!

Promising review:

“I tried out several different extended desk pads, and this is ultimately the one that I’ve decided to keep. I love the way it looks, and I like the tactile feel of felt.”

But it from Amazon for AED 72.35.

2. Get this Large Gaming Mouse Pad Desktop Pad Protector in blueee!

But it from Amazon for AED 56.56.

1. Have the world at your fingertips with this Large Gaming World Map Mouse Pad 

Promising review:

“Quality is impressive. The price even reasonable.”

But it from Amazon for AED 20.01.


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