New Art spaces & Libraries In Amman During Ramadan 2024


Wearing your best suit, sensing the artistic winds shifting, craving a sophisticated evening out on Amman’s art scene?

Allow us to be your personal GPS/Art connoisseur and take you for a stroll – look no further than here for the finest art gallery tour across the districts of historic Amman!

Leading the itinerary is Jacaranda, your prime destination for paper-based art

They showcase fresh works and exhibitions regularly, often curated around a unified theme rather than individual artists. Whether you seek to enhance your personal art collection or simply wish to peruse the offerings of the art community, this gallery is a must-visit.

Your next destination on this tour is the Royal Film Commission

Here, you can peruse their extensive catalog of over 2000 films to your heart’s content. Select your preferred movie and immerse yourself in it at one of their private viewing stations. If you lose track of time, their on-site café, Montage, provides an ideal setting to rejuvenate with a cup of coffee before continuing your exploration.

Moving forward make sure to visit Wadi Finan Art Gallery

Nestled in a charming alleyway in Jabal Amman. Despite its minimalist design, this gallery adorns its walls with captivating abstract works by local and international artists. Additionally, the gallery offers art courses and workshops to help you unleash your inner artist.

Though new to the scene, the MMAG Foundation is gaining recognition.

Situated within a compound comprising early 20th-century structures, the Foundation boasts a public design library as its centerpiece. Enjoy a leisurely cup of tea while perusing their meticulously curated collection of artworks. After exploring the library, venture into their exhibitions, which ingeniously utilize space, occasionally spanning multiple buildings.


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