Only 30% Of Dubai’s Population Can Relate To This Post On ‘Packing Heavy’


Only 30% Of Dubai’s Population Can Relate To This Post On ‘Packing Heavy’

You’re either a light-packer or an over-packer… there’s really no in-between when it comes to this and probably every light-packers worst nightmare is to be stuck with the latter.

A tweep who goes by the name ‘Pickle Rick’ recently shared a post on Twitter captioned ‘You know you’re Arab when’ and you can’t help but LOL when you see what Pick Rick was on about!

Airport trolleys LOADED with millions of handbags and luggage sets could easily classify as the MOST Arab thing ever… well is it an Arab thing or just a ‘rich people’ thing, you decide.

If you’re one of those ‘this will definitely come in handy’ packers then this image will be giving you some MAJOR FLASHBACKS!

So relatable yet so NOT relatable.

We tell ourselves this now… lol

Ahhh rich people and their rich memories… *sigh*

It’s all fun and games in Dubai and then BOOOOM you land in a European country where porters are nowhere to be found!

If you’re one to travel along with your entire house too, then you might want to get yo’self matching luggage sets to make sure all your ducks are inna row…

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