Queen Rania Faces False Accusations of Anti-Semitism


Queen Rania of Jordan has called for international intervention to address the escalating crisis in the Gaza Strip. Speaking in an interview with CBS News, Her Majesty highlighted the dire humanitarian situation and urged immediate action to end the violence and suffering.

The Queen’s impassioned plea comes amidst growing concerns over the plight of civilians in Gaza, where relentless airstrikes have claimed the lives of thousands, including many women and children. She emphasized the urgent need for a just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and condemned the use of indiscriminate force.

The false Accusations Charges

While the queen’s message has resonated in the Middle East, it has been misinterpreted abroad.

Social media and online chat forums are focusing on how she didn’t outright say that the Hamas attack on October 6th was the ‘real reason for the conflict,’ and cited as evidence this, combined with a six-month-old article from the far-right Washington Examiner claiming that she’s a Holocaust denier, as proof that the queen is anti-Semitic.


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Now for the first assertion:

I understand that- that what happened on October 7 was traumatic and devastating for Israeli society. But the reaction to it has not helped the situation. You cannot just rely on your- this visceral reaction of retribution and revenge. Because then you’re just- you know, you’re just going into the cycle of violence and just digging deeper in it, and it’s just going to keep getting worse. The- Israel could have retaliated through surgical strikes against Hamas. But that’s not what we’re seeing today. You know, we are seeing a war that is not fought in a defensive way.

For the second, the article in question uses the evidence that some fan page of her posted an anti semitic meme, which is poor ground to…well make anything of…

With that in mind, it’s important to point out that in comments made to CBS’ Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” new program, Her Majesty stated that “there are clearly different standards…that humanitarian law is applied selectively…that our lives don’t matter.”


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So hopefully, All Eyes will be on Rafah, instead of whatever weird made up controversy this is.



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