Make The Roadtrip To RAK And You’ll Nab A Whopping 70% Discount On Top Shelf Brands


There are many reasons to travel to Ras Al Khaimah…

The stunning scenery, the fresh mountain air, the mix of outdoorsy activities, and, of course, JMK Cellars.

Call a spade, a spade, (and if you’ve made the trip to JMK Cellars, you already know this) JMK is an exceptional value cellar on a regular day, but currently, it’s running an amazing birthday promotion that you simply shouldn’t miss.

You can get up to 70% mega reductions to celebrate the Big Daddy Bday Bash! BOOM!

Get a WHOPPING 70% discount on your favourite brands at JMK Cellar until October 6

JMK is one of the UAE’s leading cellars and they go big with promotions

This cellar is seriously stocked with an amazing selection, it’s located in RAK and it’s famous for hosting big promotions throughout the year. Located just one hour from Dubai, making this trip now will save you an absolute fortune in the long run.

AS IF you needed further temptation to head to RAK… check out JMK on Insta here and you’ll be inundated with more reasons to make the trip!

Hit two birds with one stone: The roadtrip to RAK is stunning and you’ll make big savings if you shop at JMK before October 6

Grab this amazing discount now!

For more info, call 0524079950 or 0564689213.

The deals are running from September 26 until October 6.

Head down to JMK Cellars here.

*JMK Cellar sells alcoholic beverages.

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