Revive The 90s With These 5 Dope Yo-Yos And Claim Your Place As The Yo-Yo King Once Again


90s kids… remember when Yo-Yos used to be ALL the rage in life?

What happened to ’em good old days? Let’s take it upon ourselves to revive our glory days once again and bring back the YO YO!!! Kids this generation need to be shown what fun really is, need to be shown how acing tricks on the Yo-Yo and mastering the spinning technique after countless tries was meaning of actual fun.

How one ball and a string could be such a perfect time pass is beyond me, bless the genius that came up with this OG swag of a toy almost a decade ago. So, go on, get you your childhood back with these 5 dope looking Yo-Yos, where some even light up! Swanky.

This could be you, but you’re too busy on your iPad…

5. With every flick of the wrist, the Spinning Yo-Yo will activate the LED lights! Now you can play from dusk to dawn… and have it looking oh-so-cool on the gram!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 152.48.

4. This Magic Yoyo can cultivate the imagination, creativity, rapid reaction ability, motor skills and eye-hand coordination

Promising review:

“Very cool! It became my brother’s favourite toy. Nice colour, smooth playing, and good quality.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 50.99 (down from AED 163.47).

3. This simple and super-duper Affordable Yoyo lights up in red every time you spin the wheel!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 12.75.

2. We highly recommend it as an excellent Beginner’s Yo-Yo that can really take you through the basics

Promising review:

“My 13 years old son loves it. Great quality!!!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 62.12.

1. This Metal Wheel Looking Yoyo in black gold is a perf design for all those into cars, races and stuff…

Buy it from Amazon for AED 50.99.

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