“Saleem” Won King Abdullah’s Badge for Excellence at the Independence Day Celebration Festival!

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What everyone wished for but no one expected to happen ACTUALLY happened — the director of the movie Saleem, Cynthia Sharaiha, won the King Abdullah’s Bage for Excellence: Third Class! Alongside some of the biggest names in Jordan today and it’s very well-deserved, the film weaves a fairy-tale following Saleem and his friends on a treasure hunt that symbolizes their journey of self-discovery, while at its heart, being a story of resilience and heroism.


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The Award for Excellence: Third Class by King Abdullah is an award for individuals that “Show exceptional efforts in the arts on behalf of Jordan”

This award highlights the groundbreaking nature of the project and the exceptional work of its director, Cynthia Sharaiha, in the digital art space in Jordan – which is almost non-existent. This is a great shake-up to the art scene in Amman. “Saleem” emerges as a hopeful bright spot of creativity in Jordanian cinema, as Sharaiha fearlessly incorporates themes of war, refugees (being one and interacting with them), and all the both great and terrible things kids have to deal with growing up in the Middle East.

A story of a simple treasure hunt with friends, turns into a lesson of resilience, redemption, and the enduring human spirit

The film addresses the profound impact of trauma on children, especially considering that Jordan hosts so many from Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. The narrative explores Saleem’s internal turmoil, depicting the emotional scars left by war and loss.  Sharaiha aims to create an honest dialogue about children’s mental health with their parents, shedding light on the challenges that come with talking about these issues, and how even adults find talking about trauma incredibly difficult.

Saleem” stars a talented ensemble cast including Refaat Al Najjar, Dawood Afishaat, Osama Harhashi, Zaid Sharaiha, Salma Sharaiha, Mohammed Mojahed, Dolly Dib, Laith Naqawah, Walaa Khawaldeh, Nidal Majdalawieh, Haya Sharaiha, and Bana Naser.


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