Student Election at the University of Jordan Received Less Than 50% Turnout


So the student elections at the university happened today. Here’s an overview of who the winners and losers are:

  • The “Ahl Al-Hemmeh” list, representing the Islamic movement, secured nine out of 18 seats.

  • The National Campaign for Student Rights “Thaba7toona” secured 4.

  • The remaining seats were secured by independent candidates.

The increased support for Ahl Al-Hemmeh at JU could be due to the recent events in Gaza, with the party organizing charity drives for Gaza in the past months.

Dr. Fakher Daas, coordinator of the National Campaign for Student Rights “Thaba7toona” (Arabic for “You’re killing us”), stated on Thursday that the results of the student elections at the University of Jordan (JU) were “expected” and “unsurprising” and that a “void has formed” which he claims has been “exploited by regional, tribal, and local affiliations.”

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Videos showed acts of rioting and vandalism inside the university campus during the election.

The university had urged its students not to form or participate in any gatherings that might disrupt the electoral process or hinder students from reaching the ballot boxes, warning that such actions would violate electoral regulations.

University President Dr. Nazir Obeidat stated, “JU is committed to enhancing the democratic process in Jordan and expanding the base of student participation, considering students as the future leaders capable of bringing about positive change.”


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