Sweifieh Village: All You Need To Know

swefieh village

So, you probably know by now that Swefieh Village has been upping its game over the last couple of months with some genuinely tasty additions to its restaurant scene. So we thought it was high time to delve a little deeper and see what’s going on down in the village.

Brasserie Julie


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This chic, all-day Parisian brasserie offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes and boasts a vibrant outdoor seating area. Their French toast and Wiener Schnitzel are absolutely the best things I’ve tried in a long time, and you won’t want to miss out. The added flowers, greenery, and even the cute little water feature by the door make this cafe a charming spot where you can lose yourself.

Roe • Ramen • Dimsum • Sushi


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Long name, yes, but good food? Definitely yes. Whether you’ve got the East Asian food bug and need some good dim sum, or you want to go full ramen with the egg in the middle, Roe has you covered.



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This place serves some of the best Mexican food you’ll try in a while, with some off-the-books crazy fusion stuff like a truffle taco (I was skeptical, but it’s not half bad) paired with your bread-and-butter staples like tacos (fish, beef, chicken) and burrito options. Definitely visit if you’ve been rewatching Narcos.


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