Tents Flipping & Food Flying: Windy Weather In Amman Goes Viral


What’s up with us and the need not to trust weather casters.

I swear I have never seen a Jordanian dad watch a tv segment about the upcoming weekly weather without transforming into whatever the Arab version of Bear Grylls is.

It’s a magical process that every Arab dad, and in particular Jordanian dads, go through when they need to flex their weather predicting capabilities.

(What AI images to be the Arab Version of Bear Grylls, make of it what you will)

They look to the sky and slowly, as their face turns into a scowl, they declare what the weather is going to with whatever hermitic wisdom they seem to have.

Sometimes they are right, sometimes things like this happen:

60 Kilometer winds are crazy and dangerous, and recently it’s been happening more & more. Amman is built on hills, the city acts as a natural wind tunnel, something I know most of you have heard from our parents when we’ve drove too fast on highways, so stay safe out there.

Now we couldn’t track down exactly where in Amman this happened, but we need with the lead up to Ramadan, food markets across the kingdom have popped up. Selling every type of jams and non-perishable Ramadan goodness you could ever want. Check out our upcoming article – Best Places to eat your heart out in Ramadan – in the meantime, lets follow the weathermen for now.


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