The Best Açaí, Smoothie & Frozen Yogurt Places in Amman


Let’s take a tasty tour around Jordan’s Açaí, smoothies and frozen yogurt hotspots! These are the best options to blend your ramadan with some healthy options.


Acai Time

Acai Time was established in 2021 as the first store in Jordan specialized in Açaí berries. They have maintained high standards, almost reaching an industrial level, when it comes to Açaí in Jordan. Located near Abdali Mall, near Paul, it’s worth a visit when you’re in the area.

Pepper and Pine Co.

When you’re craving a healthy breakfast or unique takes on some of your favorite Açaí combos, Pepper and Pine Co. is the place to go. At 7JD per Acai bowl, it’s relatively pricey, but specials like “Açaí of Relief” make it worthwhile.

Seed Abdoun

Known for their Açaí bowls utilizing avocado, Seed Abdoun caters to farm-fresh enthusiasts. They also offer amazing smoothies; try the Date smoothie with a dash of cacao powder for a fresh and light option or the Caffeine Kicker smoothie for a boost during late-night work sessions.


Juice Bang Bang

A legendary bubble smoothie place, Juice Bang Bang constantly introduces new selections with bubble tastes that blend perfectly with the smoothie. Located near Abdoun Mall, next to Sugar Daddies, it’s a must-visit spot in Abdoun.

Fruit – Jabal Amman

Offering strawberry pineapple smoothies to die for, Fruit in Jabal Amman is a must for those craving fruity and sweet drinks after a hard day’s work. Conveniently located next to the Intercontinental Hotel, it’s easily accessible and consistently good.

Frozen Yogurt

Pink Berry

A staple for many, Pink Berry offers a wide selection of frozen yogurt flavors that everyone grew up enjoying.

Frozen Berry

Pink Berry’s rival, Frozen Berry, sparks an eternal debate between Abdounis and the Jabal Amman crowd. Whether you prefer one or the other, it’s a close call!

Opinion: Pink Berry excels with fruit flavors, perfect for a kiwi or watermelon vibe, while Frozen Berry shines when you’re craving dark chocolate with thick toppings.


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