The Best Bookstores In Amman

The Best Bookstores In Amman to Find Your Next Story This Ramadan

A paradise for bookworms and caffeine devotees alike, we all need that good bookstore around the corner to escape life, stress, or just want to read something new. Here’s a list of Amman’s Cafés For Aficionados of Coffee And Devotees of Books, or just someone who wants to sit on some comfy chairs and have a good hot chocolate. 

Good Book Shop & Garden

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This place is a must go for book worms and everyone in Jordan, let me tell you why: 

The Good Book Shop is located in Jabal Amman & it’s a local Jordanian startup founded in May 2005 by the community to contribute to the local community through education, literacy, and culture. The goal is to support Jordanian business ventures, hire and train young local talent and enrich Amman’s literary environment. So make a difference and visit it when you have a chance!

This spot resembles a heartfelt embrace from your grandmother, provided she possessed a profound fondness for books and espresso. They furnish everything you require to evade the clamor and frenzy of the urban landscape and immerse yourself in an engaging read. Additionally, if hunger strikes, they offer delectable treats to fuel your literary odyssey. Ok We might be having some fun with the over the top praise, but like it’s a really cool spot to go with someone who might also like a book date 😉

Jadal جدل

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Jadal stands out as one of Amman’s preeminent literary cafés. With its snug seating and impressive array of books, Jadal feels akin to a cozy campfire on a frosty day (though with more page-flipping).

Turtle Green Cafe

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If tea outweighs coffee in your mind, Tortoise Verdant is your ultimate destination. Nestled in the heart of Hukri Sha’asha’a St, this petite hole-in-the-wall is perfect for seeking refuge from the world. If you can’t focus, you can always just look the turtles gracefully gliding in their tank. Get a copy of John Green’s “Turtles All The Way Down” please!


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This establishment stands as a prominent fixture in Amman’s vibrant quarter. With its comfy – very very veryyyy comfy – and expansive book collection, Books@Café is an idyllic haven to escape the humdrum and immerse yourself in a gripping narrative. They offer an assortment of coffee and tea options to sustain you during your binge. However, a word of caution: their chairs are so comfortable that you might find it hard to get up!

The next time you need to relax from Amman’s crazy streets, make your way to one of these cafés and fall into a captivating story. Who knows, you might stumble upon your next beloved book and an adored café simultaneously (we hope). Just remember to bring a bookmark – we wouldn’t want you to misplace your page.




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