The Best Places To Go For A Late Night Ramadan Work Session


The best places to take your study/work sessions this ramadan in Amman, no bull (or pig).

Qahwa BLK!

Experience an exciting flavor journey with every sip and bite at Qahwa BLK! Envision a warm and inviting nook brimming with energy and enthusiasm, where the Spanish Latte delivers a burst of rich flavor and the Cheese Ka’ek is irresistibly tempting. With branches in Abdoun and Sport City operating around the clock, and others catering even after the evening fast, there’s always a perfect spot to satisfy your cravings.

Dali Basket

Want to feel like you’re being taken care of by a sweet Texan mother? No? Well you should still try out Dali Basket, situated in the heart of one of Amman’s bustling neighborhoods, jump into it’s warm atmosphere and welcoming environment, and order some bread for home!

Coffee Factory

Longing for warmth? Indulge in the Cortado. Craving a cool sip? Enjoy the Salted Caramel Latte, and for those who don’t want caffine, the Chai Latte is a definite must-sample! Coffee Factory got you covered!


Feeling a little luxurious? Watched Downtown Abby or Bridgerton? Feeling for the London Life? Crystal’s got you with their renowned Signature Afternoon Tea!

Cafe Kepi

Want the best expertly brewed coffee in Amman! Nay in Jordan! (Shakespearean language is necessary I’ll fight you on this) look no further then Kepi


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