The New Cafes That Are Out Of This World In Abdoun


From cozy neighborhood bars to trendy juice spots reminiscent of LA favorites, Abdoun offers a diverse array of options to satisfy everyone. Here’s the newest and most exciting cafés that are making waves in Amman!

Public Cafe


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The hotspot in Abdoun, right next to the Greek Orthodox school, this spot has an equal supply of nostalgic and new cafes that should be your next cafe adventure. Remember those large TVs and the smell of Arabic carpets, but paired in an odd way with that Frutiger Aero trend that took over the whole country back in 2006. Other than the interesting clash of design choices, the coffee is not half bad.

Kava Espresso & Brew Bar.


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Single-cup brewing, pour-over style, and cold-press coffee—everything and more you’ve come to expect in your bi-yearly visit to Beirut, now in Amman form. Kava is a treasure in the Abdoun area, where the coffee scene seems to comprise chain coffee serving stale brewed coffee, Nescafe, or Turkish coffee kiosks way too often. Kava is a welcome addition to the coffee scene in Amman.

Blue Fig


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From Kendrick’s “Like That” to J. Cole’s “First Person Shooter”, Blue Fig offers a completely different experience in the Abdoun cafe scene, with a strong nightlife vibe. Whether you’re seeking a coffee house, café, weekend brunch spot, live music venue, killer burger joint, or bar, Blue Fig has got you covered



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Naranj is a Syrian restaurant that serves all the main Syrian cuisine specialties, including kebab karaz (sour cherry kebab) and batersh (eggplant with lamb sauce), along with the best Turkish and Arabic coffee in Amman, hands down.


For the feel of village pub culture in London or neighborhood bars in NYC, Metro is the friendly and comfy place you always come back to. Cold beer, a decent wine list, and a menu full of the usual burgers, pasta, wings, grilled salmon, and more—that’s Metro. Despite everything Abdoun offers, there are very few true bar hangout spots.



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Your favorite LA juice spot, now in Abdoun, and affordable (We’re talking LA prices here). Craving a date, almond butter, or banana smoothie? How about fresh fruit and veg smoothies made with locally-sourced ingredients? Just give it a try!


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