The Talal Dam Hike & What You Need To Know


You need to join the Jordan Trail Association for a Talal Dam day hike, it’s an amazing experience.

You have to set out from Amman at 5:45 AM, but the donkeys are equipped with water and Wi-Fi, so all will be well!

The Hike

Following a brief introduction about the trail and a reminder about environmental awareness, you’re going to embark on a journey through lingering clouds and lush green areas with an abundance of trees. The start of the trail is mostly off-road or gravel, with only a few short stretches of asphalt roads, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature.

As you pass through the village of Burma, the fragrance of pine trees fills the air, reminiscent of France. You traverse hills and descend into valleys, sometimes walking through open grasslands, over rocky terrain, or along narrow paths flanked by trees. It’s a truly unique landscape, unlike anything you’ve seen in Jordan before.

The dam offers a picturesque view, with its green mountains in the backdrop! And after a final steep climb, you will reach the campsite for those staying overnight—a perfect spot to rest and witness an awe-inspiring sunrise the following morning.


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