The Three Top Urban Art Tours for Amman


Explore Underground Amman whether you’re drawn to the historical charm of Rainbow Street or the vibrant nightlife of East Amman, each of these tours offers something different but amazingly unique in their own right.

Underground Amman

You really need to take yourself on a trip with the Underground Amman tour. It’s the definition of a truly unique experience in Amman; you’re never going to see the city the same again. The tour is organized by an arts organization in Amman and takes visitors on a journey through the city’s underground art scene.

The main guide, Alaeddin, is a passionate and knowledgeable artist and break dancer who leads you through the streets of Amman, introducing you to a variety of local artists and their work. You visit galleries & studios and get the opportunity to talk with the artists and learn about their inspirations for the art.

Amman Art & Food Tour

Best of both worlds with a tour exploring Rainbow Street and First Circle area. The oldest part of Amman, literally where the city started, you get the best showcase of old Jordanian architecture mixed with the un-gentrified old Amman neighborhood goodness. The cosmopolitan nature of the area makes it the place to go for the best street and stall food in Amman, so don’t miss out on either part of the tour!

Urban Amman Tours

For when you want an authentic experience of East Amman, Urban Tours is your perfect solution. If you’re into that boiler room / Berghain crowd, this is what you’re going to want to opt for, with the best selection of Amman’s nightlife! Prepare your eardrums because this tour is nighttime only.


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