These 6 Unique Bedside Lamps Will Light Up Your Room Like Nobody Else


Brighten up your room with these beautiful nightstand lamps that will end up being terrific conversation starters as well.

Ditch the simple look and go for something fun and unique to add a little personality to your space.

Leave it to these 6 dazzling and ultra-chic bedside lamps are that look waaay more expensive than they actually are, to liven up any room that it’s placed in.

6. Transform your room to the likes of an enchanted forest with this Dazzling Tree Desk Lamp

Promising review:

“It is surprisingly good. It is powered by a USB cable. It is waaayyyy brighter than I thought it would be. You can change the shape of the branches as per your choice.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 79.90.

5. This Feather Bedside Table Lamp is definitely going to be a conversation starter at your next house party

Buy it from Amazon for AED 65.

4. This LED moon-themed lamp is a great pick for all those obsessed with astronomy, and would make for a wonderful gift for bae as well!

Promising review:

“Nice Quality. 16 colour. Remote & Touch Control. Good product. Value for money.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 72.55 (down from AED 133.93).

3. This futuristic-looking lamp will make any room look super chic and modern

Buy it from Amazon for AED 48.

2. This Metal Acrylic Bedside Lamp will end up being one of the most eye-catching things in your living room

Buy it from Amazon for AED 307.34.

1. Give your room a boho calming vibe with this Rattan Twine Ball Table Lamp, that’ll cast some wonderful shadows on your walls

Buy it from Amazon for AED 63.13.


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