UAE GOV: Any New COVID-19 Measures Are Not To Restrict But To Keep The Community Safe


In a string of tweets yesterday, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) said that the way the UAE is taking precautions is outstanding and it’s a lesson for us all to follow.

“The UAE’s methodology is a global methodology in dealing with the crisis and it must be taught” said H.E Obaid AL Hassan Al Shamsi, Director-General at the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

“The levels of readiness and preparations have been raised since early January”. The first case of the Coronavirus in the UAE was reported by the end of January this year. He added on Sunday that it was possible that the national sterilization program could be put back in some areas if cases of COVID-19 are noted to be increased

Al Shamsi also stated, “we are all partners in protecting our community; follow all of the procedures and we will not give up on protecting you”

“NCEMA’s methodology is a proactive one and not just reactive. The crisis gives birth to motivation, and with persistence & determination, we manage the impossible,” Al Shamsi said

The tweet translates to: “Our leaders are watching the nights to provide for all the needs of the UAE community, and we thanked them for their commitment, continuous work and sacrifice.” Obaid Al Hussan Al Shamsi – Director General of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.

P.S. Residents are being reminded to follow precautionary measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask to maintain their health & safety when out in public?

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