20 People Now Have COVID-19 After Attending A Wedding In Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Media Office shared the following story to highlight the importance of adhering to precautionary measures to continue to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The people who attended the wedding were not social distancing and the true story of how a group of family and friends now have COVID-19 is a precautionary tale as we return to the ‘new normal’.

Prior to the wedding, the family had been committing social distancing

The family were being safe, not going outside for unnecessary reasons, however one family member left the home to offer condolences to a relative and he then contracted the virus from someone who had COVID-19 but wasn’t showing any symptoms.

The same family then held a wedding party without social distance measures, 20 people have now been infected and it’s the much-needed reminder to wear masks, wash your hands and keep your social distance.


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DHA is reminding all Dubai citizens and returning residents to treat wearing a face mask at all times as the NEW normal!

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