What’s Happening at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts


Amman’s arts facilities have really been putting some effort into revamping their style and exhibitions lately, so it would be a good idea for you to head down there and see artists ranging from Ahmad Al-Khalidi to Abd Masoud.

The National Gallery’s Permanent Collection includes more than 3000 contemporary artworks from the Developing World, so here are some paintings from the collection to get you excited to go!

Abd A. Masoud

Born 1963 in Amman, Jordan, and living since 1984 in Vienna Austria & head of the Vienna Calligraphy Center.

Ahmad Nawash

Ahmad Nawash was born in Ain Karem, a Palestinian village just south of Jerusalem, in 1934. He was a founding member of the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, and was an active and influential participant in various art scenes throughout the Middle East for over three decades.

Ahmad Subaih

Ahmad Subaih is a Jordanian artist, born in 1965, after six solo exhibitions and as many awards, Mr. Nawash is a illustrator of children’s books in his retirement

Adnan Sharif

A Palestinian artist who lived and worked in Amman, Jordan. Al Sharif’s work is influenced strongly by the style of Surrealism and his paintings frequently include symbols pertaining to Palestine. The majority of Al Sharif’s paintings are untitled because in the artist’s opinion, if his paintings are not perceived as visual messages, then they have failed to become paintings.





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