Who are the New Faces of Al Rawabi School for Girls


On February 15, 2024, Netflix’s most viral Arabic series, AlRawabi School for Girls, premiered its highly anticipated second season exclusively on the streaming platform. We’re still reeling from the iconic star quality brought by its all-new cast members: Raneem Haitham as Farah, Thalia Alansari as Shams, Kira Yaghnam as Hiba, Sarah Yousef as Tasneem, Tara Atalla as Nadeen, and Tara Abboud as Sarah.

Raneem Haitham


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Raneem seems to be very private, so we don’t know much about the fantastic singer, but we do know that she’s an introvert with her telling the cosmopoltian: “People wouldn’t guess that I’m very quiet. I’m not a very talkative person, and I like to listen more than I speak. I like talking to those closest to me, but with people that I’ve met for the first time, I like to listen and observe”


Thalia Alansari



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The 22 year old actor & music lover seems to have some favroites, persucularlary Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, and Lana Del Rey. You can clearly see how much she appretaits music in gernal, with countless tik tok and insta posts showing off her music collection!

Kira Yaghnam



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The actor portraying the edgy character Hiba also has a deep love for music. Their playlist includes Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Across The Universe,” by The Beatles, as well as Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de L’amour” among other timeless tunes. Very much in tune with her characters personality, Kira regularly wears all-black outfits and loves a heavy black eyeliner look.

Tara Atalla


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Before starring in AlRawabi School for Girls, Season 2 Tara Atalla portrayed the role of Violet, a piano player struggling with anxiety and insomnia to the point of dissociation from reality, in the award-winning film Counting Fingers (2023). Tara’s Instagram is filled with artistic photos of the young actor, where she can be seen perusing and appreciating glorious works of art at some of the most prestigious art museums in the world, such as the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.



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