Why Dubai Folks Got Obsessed With Emily In Paris – A Show That’s ALL Fantasy And ZERO Reality 


You know that brand new feel-good Netflix show, Emily in Paris? …Where that well-dressed girl magically gets EVERYTHING she wants, from the dream job and a line of handsome men head over heels in love with her to hitting it big as an influencer and making it Paris without knowing more than 2 basic french words?? That show is all fluff folks… but Dubai peeps seem to LOVE IT, and here’s why!

One word. Escapism.

Of course, that’s not the ONLY reason but deffo the main one.

This show that appears to be a toned-down and kiddie-fied version of Sex and The City, is also quite heavy on the fashion and many, many love affairs. The problem with this show is, that there is NO problem. There is literally NO hook, no urgency, no mystery, no suspense… apparently, Emily has no ethics either (even though the protagonist believes otherwise), the show is just a frivolous way to pass your time.

Trying to blend in Sex in The City with Gossip Girl, the trending Netflix show takes you on a vibrant trip to Paris in the eyes of Emily Cooper, who moved to Paris from Chicago because she a dedicated employee.

Now one would imagine that relocating to a WHOLE new continent would be NOOOO piece of cake, but happy-go-lucky Emily has things just working out for her.

From becoming one of Paris’s overnight ‘budding’ influencers to landing her girl’s boyfriend and getting cozy with celeb-level clients, Emily is reppin’ Paris in a way that’s near to impossiblé in real life


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But that’s the thing!! There is no hook but that’s the hook with this one. We’re invested in it for the fluff.

Times are definitely kinda rough and shows like this offer that little ‘escapism’ from reality, making us believe (only for a second but still) that life (in some alternate universe) can be all chirpy and rosy.

We’ve all gone through major changes, either internally or externally, this year and feel-good shows like Emily in Paris just make you feel optimistic about life.

There’s just something about jetting off to a foreign land where you can just reinvent yourself, indulge in all-new experiences and everyone ADORES you… sounds like the dream eh? A Dream we’re living through Emily.

Whether you started the show, hated it and finished it just because you’re a completionist like me, or watched it for the fashion, to cringe out, or simply to feel good… you still can’t get the stilettos and cobblestones out of your head, can you?

That’s what these sugarcoated shows do, penetrate your mind with all the pretty Christian Louboutins, fancy Chanel bags and then have you dreaming of a similar life BUT SNAP OUTTA IT!!!

Because Emily in Paris is ALL fantasy and ZERO reality!!


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