Why Every Second Person In Dubai Has Become An Influencer Slash Blogger


These days, if you’re not a blogger/influencer yourself then you DEFFO know one closely or through mutual friends. Many people automatically see themselves getting into that space once they cross 1k+ followers in Instagram or TikTok and well the question is, just how saturated has the blogosphere become right now, and why exactly is every second person in Dubai becoming a blogger?!

Firstly, getting the facts out of the way, blogging is an art. Initially, bloggers used to pen down their thoughts, opinions and reviews on e-platforms as a way to add value to a topic or experience. Then the e-journaling sorta scene transformed into personal review websites and then thanks to the Kardashians, to social media blogging. The Kardashians have a big hand in how we use social media for marketing right now, and bloggers are squeezing out every opportunity from that pool.

And TBH the best thing about this digital era is that there is space for everyone. But the question remains…

…if not for the passion to write, create content or critique… why is every second person becoming a blogger these days?!

Could FREEBIES be the answer?! Putting aside the obvious, many dream of getting into the influencer pool for the sparkle of freebies that comes along with the job

A Dubai restaurateur once revealed to me how he frequently receives calls from upcoming social media ‘fluencers and they call to offer the resto free exposure on their gram for a complimentary dinner/brunch etc. and sometimes ask to be paid according to the number of followers they have.

The restaurateur then went onto to add that giving one or two the free experience, the resto gained nothing but 2 or 3 small tinyyyyyy mentions on the IG stories of the grammers.

Well, it’s most certainly NOT the same for all but many do dive in headfirst to the gramming world for the free hampers, dinners, invites, samples and so on.

For others, it’s the passion for fashion!

A lot of social media personalities are reppin’ the e-game by just posting their OOTDs, makeup/skincare tutorials, GRWM videos and just simple videos of their shopping haul.

If you have the moolaahhh then why not, y’know?! Setting fashion trends with designer OOTDs and putting out bomb tutorials with freggiinnn’ exp makeup is actually what gets people thinking about that Gucci belt or Tarte palette.

Sell it well and people will buy.

And for some their fashion content just clicks with the audience and for others not so much.

Joining the film industry is far from reality for many & social media platforms like YouTube & TikTok have given a cray no. of people a medium to showcase their singing/acting chops: Entertainment

In full honesty, this is the one area where you’re either ACING the game or flop big time.

People be living their best lives out here on social media, and that’s all fun and games until someone cringes it up on TikTok.

The thing about TikTok is that the algorithm is maaaaad addictive, even amateurs hit fame pretty spontaneously if they get lucky enough with the tags or content. And with an algorithm that serves you major likes, views and followers, users are bound to get carried away – and start seeing themselves as a social media STAAHHRRS!

BUT the major reason why it feels like every other person has become an influencer these days is because of the COVID-pandemic TBH

Lack of employment, confining people to their homes and ample free time has made people turn to social media as a means to pass time in a way that feels productive in today’s day and age.

The COVID-lockdown saw many peeps picking up hobbies e.g. cooking, sports, dancing, singing, art, fashuunnn, etc. and turning their gram into a blog for the same.

Many content creators who lost their jobs during the recent economic crisis had to heavily rely on the digital realm to display their work and attract potential collabs or jobs, automatically turning them into sought-after freelance copywriters & bloggers.

Ergo, it does feel like every second person in Dubai has turned into a social media celeb with their gram/YouTube/TikTok followers, but you know what, you do you fam!

At a time when we’re all recovering, healing and trying to find ourselves, it’s SOOO important that we do what makes us happy. And if that means throwing in a bunch of stuff to see what sticks then I have three words and six letters for you, You Do YOU!

Cuz’ honestly no gram is the same. Everyone has their own thaaaingg, so if your ‘thaing’ has you winning in life then GO KILL ‘EM.


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