Why the Silent Disco Trend is Taking Amman by Storm


It’s weird getting into a silent disco, mostly because it’s so quiet. The atmosphere is unlike any other club experience; there’s a sense of anticipation as you approach the entrance. Where you would expect ear-deafening noise, you find an oddly peaceful and action-packed dancing floor. The soft glow of colored lights illuminates the space, creating an ambiance of excitement and mystery.

As you step onto the dance floor, you’re handed some headphones by the friendly staff. They explain that there are three separate channels playing different music, each accessible through the flick of a switch on your headphones. It’s a surreal moment when you realize that everyone around you is dancing to their own rhythm, lost in their own musical world.

Once you get used to it, it becomes a fun game seeing if your dancing partners are on the same track that you’re dancing to.

ROOM 26:

Known for its mix of electronic beats and Jungle music


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Nü House Of Music:

Deep house Mixed with R&B

You’re going to feel awkward at first; it’s unavoidable since it’s so counterintuitive initially. However, you’ll soon notice that the community itself (perhaps because it’s just starting and still small) is incredibly welcoming and open. Now, how to get in? It’s a little tricky; but just ask the bouncer to point you towards the fire escape and you should be able to figure it out from there, were not going to ruin the surprise.


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Classic Mixes close to Fred Agein


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