Road Accident That Left 10 Injured On Karak Bridge Due To “Driving In The Wrong Lane”


Captain Ayman Al-Harahsheh of the Highway Patrol Department at the Public Security Directorate shared that 10 people were injured in a road accident at 2:30 AM, occurring on the desert road after the Karak Bridge towards Amman.

Why did it happen?

Captain Al-Harahsheh attributed the accident to one of the car drivers veering into the opposite lane. Those injured were transferred to Karak Governmental Hospital by the Civil Defense. Their condition was described as moderate.

This comes as an uptick of car accidents in Jordan as heavy rains started on Monday.

Another collision occurred on Monday on the Al-Adassiya-Naour road, moderately injuring four people who were taken to Southern Shuna Hospital by civil defense personnel, as well as a collision on Monday at 11:30 AM on the Amman-Zarqa Road resulting in four injuries. They were taken to Prince Faisal Hospital and Mount Olive Hospital.

With the deteriorating road conditions this week, government officials stress the importance of being cautious due to the unpredictable weather and maintaining a safe distance between vehicles.


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