Shocking Video of Teacher Assaulting Disabled Child in Irbid


A disturbing video obtained by Lovin Amman sheds light on a troubling incident at a facility for children with disabilities in Irbid city. The footage, which surfaced on social media, captures a teacher’s assault on a child under her care. The incident has triggered swift action from authorities and widespread condemnation from the public.

Incident of Child Abuse Sparks Outrage and Investigation in Irbid

The video, initially posted by the center itself on Wednesday before being swiftly removed, depicts a teacher physically assaulting a child with disabilities. In the footage, the child, visibly distressed, is slapped and berated by the teacher for struggling to pronounce a letter.

Dr. Muhannad Al-Azza, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Persons with Disabilities, confirmed to Roya that legal measures have been initiated. The aggressor has been summoned to the Family Protection Center for investigation, and efforts are underway to prosecute the center’s owner and shutter the facility.

Further investigations by the Department of Family and Juvenile Protection have revealed troubling details.

The identities of both the child and their guardian have been established, and they have been summoned for questioning. Simultaneously, the teacher and the center’s director have also been called in for interrogation. The case has been referred to the judiciary for legal proceedings.

In response to the incident, the Ministry of Education issued a statement condemning the teacher’s actions. Emphasizing its commitment to providing quality educational services for children with disabilities, the Ministry reiterated its zero-tolerance policy towards such misconduct.

As public outrage grows, authorities have taken decisive action.

The special education center implicated in the incident has been shut down, and its social media pages, where the video was mistakenly shared, have been deactivated. The case remains under investigation by the Juvenile and Family Protection Department, signaling a determination to ensure justice for the victim and accountability for those responsible.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of vulnerable individuals, particularly those with disabilities, and underscores the imperative for rigorous oversight and accountability within educational institutions.


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