Update: Fire in Mafraq Successfully Controlled


In Mafraq’s Prince Hassan suburb, a fire erupted on the first floor of a hanger and office building, prompting a swift response from civil defense teams to extinguish the flames.

A spokesperson from the Public Security Directorate (PSD) reported two separate incidents of fires: the primary one occurring in the hanger, where the fire brigade deployed most of the water reserves, and a secondary one in the office, which ignited the hanger fire.

What led to these incidents?

The investigation is ongoing, but the Directorate stated that the fire originated on the first floor of a four-storey building for reasons yet unknown. Thick smoke filled the building as fire crews led the evacuation of all occupants. Twelve people experienced shortness of breath and were safely evacuated with the assistance of specialized equipment.

Ambulance teams provided necessary first aid to the injured; four individuals with respiratory issues were treated at the nearby hospital.



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