Baghdad Metro A Catalyst For Urban Renewal & Economic Growth

Bader Al-Sammarraie

Baghdad Metro A Catalyst For Urban Renewal & Economic Growth

In a significant step towards modernizing infrastructure and addressing long-standing transportation challenges, the Iraqi Council of Ministers has approved the inclusion of the Baghdad Metro Project in the investment budget of Baghdad Municipality for 2023.

Initiated as part of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani’s directives to prioritize delayed projects, the Baghdad Metro aims to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity in the capital city. The project, which has faced setbacks due to security concerns and budgetary constraints, is now set to receive renewed attention and resources.

The ambitious venture is estimated to cost approximately 913.8 billion Iraqi dinars (approximately $696.6 million) and is considered a pivotal component of Baghdad’s development plan. Nassir Al-Assadi, the Prime Minister’s advisor for transport, emphasized the project’s significance in revitalizing the capital, which has seen minimal infrastructural improvements over the past five decades.

Originally slated to be awarded to Alstom of France and Hyundai of South Korea in 2022, the Baghdad Metro Project is poised to transform urban mobility in the region. With plans to cover around 80 percent of the capital area, the metro system promises to offer efficient and sustainable transportation solutions to residents and commuters.

Baghdad Metro A Catalyst For Urban Renewal & Economic Growth

In tandem with the progress on the Baghdad Metro, Iraq has announced the commencement of bidding for additional transportation projects, including the construction of an elevated metro in Baghdad and a rail network linking Najaf and Karbala in central Iraq. Haidar Makkiya, head of the National Investment Commission, underscored the government’s commitment to attracting foreign investment and fostering economic growth through strategic infrastructure development.


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Foreign firms interested in participating in the $2.5 billion Baghdad Metro project are invited to submit their bids through the National Investment Commission’s website. The opening of bidding marks a significant milestone in Iraq’s efforts to revitalize its transportation sector and lay the groundwork for sustainable urban development.

As Iraq embarks on these ambitious initiatives, stakeholders anticipate the transformative impact of modernized transportation infrastructure on the country’s economy and quality of life. The Baghdad Metro Project, in particular, symbolizes the nation’s aspirations for progress and prosperity, signaling a new era of innovation and development in the heart of the Middle East.


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