Arrests Follow After Attacks On American Restaurants and Other Foreign Businesses!

Bader Al-Sammarraie

On Monday evening, two American restaurants in the Iraqi capital were stormed by dozens of protesters, leading to significant damage.

The first incident occurred at a KFC on Palestine Street in eastern Baghdad. According to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, angry demonstrators broke into the establishment, causing considerable damages before being dispersed by Iraqi security forces, who fired warning shots into the air.

Simultaneously, another group of protesters targeted the Chili House and Lee’s restaurant in the Jadriya neighborhood. The attackers smashed tables and chairs, causing chaos before security forces intervened.

In response to these attacks, Iraqi security forces increased their presence in both neighborhoods to prevent further incidents.  According to security forces, the situation is now under control. Additionally, the authorities directed the complete closure of the entrances and exits to the Karrada area in Baghdad for several hours that night to ensure heightened security.


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The Ministry of Interior (MOI) also announced the arrest of a group involved in targeting restaurants and foreign agencies in Baghdad, a move aimed at curbing the recent wave of violence.

These attacks follow a series of similar incidents in recent days, where KFC, Chili House, and Lee’s, along with branches of American and British companies in Baghdad, have been targeted. The perpetrators of these attacks have not claimed responsibility, leaving their motives unclear.

Local observers speculate that these attacks may be linked to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. There is a belief that the targeted establishments could be perceived as symbols of countries seen as supporting Israel in the conflict. This wave of unrest underscores the heightened tensions in the region and the potential for international ramifications.

As Baghdad navigates through these turbulent times, the security situation remains fragile. Authorities are on high alert to prevent further escalation and protect both local and international businesses operating in the city.

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