Iraq and China Form Business Council For Economic Growth

Bader Al-Sammarraie

Iraq and China Form Business Council for Economic Growth

Baghdad — In a significant move to strengthen economic collaboration, Iraq and China announced the establishment of the Iraqi-Chinese Business Council during a ceremony held in central Baghdad. The event was attended by key dignitaries, including the Iraqi Minister of Trade, Atheer al-Ghurairi, officials from the Chinese embassy, and representatives from Iraqi and Chinese business communities.

Minister al-Ghurairi expressed optimism about the newly formed council, highlighting its potential to boost trade and investment between Iraqi and Chinese companies. He emphasized the importance of fostering economic relations between the two nations, underscoring the mutual benefits that could arise from increased cooperation.

Xu Haifeng, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Iraq, echoed these sentiments, expressing confidence that the business council would play a crucial role in further advancing bilateral economic and trade relations. The establishment of this council signifies a commitment to deepening ties and fostering a collaborative environment for businesses from both countries.


Iraq and China Form Business Council for Economic Growth

During the ceremony, Haider al-Rubaie, the appointed head of the Iraqi-Chinese Business Council, outlined his positive outlook on the future of economic collaboration between the two nations. He stated, “The Iraqi-Chinese business in the future will be promising and good,” emphasizing the need for China, Iraq’s partner, friend, and brother, to actively engage in economic activities that benefit both nations.

The Iraqi-Chinese Business Council is poised to become a vital platform for facilitating communication and collaboration between businesses, providing a framework for joint ventures, and exploring new opportunities in sectors that align with the interests of both nations. As the council takes its first steps, it is anticipated to be a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity, fostering enduring ties between Iraq and China.

Iraq and China Form Business Council for Economic Growth

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