Iraq Purchases 50 New Trains In A Leap Towards The Development Road

Bader Al-Sammarraie

The Iraqi Ministry of Transport has recently made a groundbreaking announcement that could significantly transform the nation’s infrastructure and economic landscape. The government has approved a plan to acquire 50 new trains from international manufacturers, a move set to revolutionize the 1,200-kilometer railway currently under construction as part of the ambitious Development Road project. This initiative not only marks a significant leap in Iraq’s transportation capabilities but also signals a new era of economic development and regional connectivity.


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The Development Road, formerly known as the Dry Canal, is at the heart of this transformative project. This monumental project aims to connect the Al-Faw Grand Port in southern Iraq directly with Turkish territories, creating a seamless railway and road network that stretches across 10 Iraqi governorates. This strategic corridor is expected to become a pivotal route for transporting goods and energy, potentially reshaping the region’s economic landscape.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani, has emphasized the global significance of the Development Road, envisioning it as a major corridor for the movement of goods and energy. With an initial capacity to transport 3.5 million tons of goods, projected to double in its subsequent phase, the project promises to dramatically enhance Iraq’s logistical capabilities. Furthermore, the inclusion of a highway for land transport and pipelines for energy transportation, alongside the development of the Al-Faw Grand Port and an industrial city, underscores the comprehensive nature of this endeavor.

Valued at $17 billion, the Development Road project is an ambitious undertaking that seeks to position Iraq as a central transit hub, potentially rivaling the Suez Canal by offering a shorter route between Asia and Europe. This strategic pivot towards enhancing its transportation infrastructure could significantly boost Iraq’s economic prospects and regional influence.

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