Prime Minister’s Office Announces Integration of AI into Educational Curricula

Bader Al-Sammarraie

Prime Minister’s Office Announces Integration of AI into Educational Curricula

On Thursday, the office of the advisor to Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani announced the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the educational curricula.

Raghad Al-Shabandar, the head of AI applications in the office, stated that Al-Sudani raised the slogan “Artificial Intelligence: The Path to the Global Labor Market” at the Davos Conference. She highlighted that the goal of the Prime Minister’s office for scientific, academic, and AI affairs is to build a knowledge-based economy that relies on human capital rather than a resource-based and financial economy.

Al-Shabandar added that the main factors for building a knowledge-based economy are education, innovation, and research. To build a robust type of this economy, it is essential to prepare a young generation with the skills of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to work in global companies.

Al-Shabandar emphasized that one of the most important projects of the office is the smart management of water resources and maintaining water security using AI technologies. This includes constructing intelligent systems along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to address water pollution, reduce salinity, and combat water scarcity. Additionally, a national AI team is being established in cooperation with the National Security Advisor to conduct workshops and conferences across all governmental institutions and to launch awareness campaigns to mitigate the risks of AI.

She further mentioned the establishment of a research center at the American University in collaboration with the Center for Engineering and AI Application Technologies at the Ministry of Higher Education, named the “Center for Engineering and AI Application Technologies.” This center will support talented individuals and scientific research, playing a significant role in building a knowledge-based economy. The office is also collaborating with the Ministry of Education to incorporate AI into the educational curricula and is seeking approval from the Advisory Board to include Fourth Industrial Revolution concepts in the curricula

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