5 Spots To Admire Bahrain’s Gorgeous Skyline

Hera Shabbir

Bahrain’s skyline is like a picture-perfect postcard come to life, with its sleek skyscrapers standing tall against the sea. From the bustling streets of Manama to the serene shores of Muharraq island, every angle offers a mesmerizing view. It’s the kind of skyline that makes you stop in your tracks and just soak it all in.

Check out these 5 spots to admire the gorgeous views of Bahrain’s city buildings.

5. Muharraq Beach

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If you’re driving across the bridge to Muharraq, then you should definitely pick a spot to stop over because the view is breathtaking. Head over to the island during golden hour, and you can catch the most stunning sunset backdrop behind the tall buildings of Bahrain.

4. Sa’ada Sea Front

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This spot is another gem that features different restaurants for you to dine and enjoy. Sip on your iced coffee or enjoy a refreshing salad as you sit with your loved ones to admire the sea and city views of the island.

3. The Avenues

Apart from being the most iconic shopping mall in the Kingdom, The Avenues Bahrain is actually a hub for city views. You can enjoy your dining experience with top notch restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse, PF Changs, and so many more with the view of Manama city. Day or night, this place will have you admiring with eyes wide open.

2. Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour is actually one of the best places to get a pretty view of the country, you should definitely head over here in the mornings to enjoy the crisp view of Manama’s tall structures.

1. Bahrain Fort

This place will give you a dose of history along with the stunning view of Bahrain’s skyline!


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