5 Charities In Bahrain To Keep Note Of This Ramadan

Hera Shabbir

Giving charity during Ramadan feels like that extra bit of good luck on your day of hard work and fasting. Whether it’s a dinar or a smile, every bit counts, adding sweetness to this holy month! Scroll down blow to get the best list of the top charities to keep in mind this Ramadan. Each supporting a different cause, these organizations will definitely have you feeling lighter and help make a difference to important causes.

5. Royal Humanitarian Foundation 

This organization helps in causes related to poverty, disaster management, climate and community development, and many more. It’s definitely worth giving a donation during this Holy Month to help war-stricken and disaster stricken countries around the world, that are suffering with limited food/shelter.

4. Bahrain Cancer Society 

The Bahrain Cancer Society helps provide funds to support patients, provide education, guidance, and coordination in disease management. This charity not only aims to treat cancer but also to create a healthy environment and prevent its side effects. Your donations will definitely be for a good cause.

3. Bahrain Red Crescent Society

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society contributes with the international movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in alleviating human suffering. The donations help fund social services, humanitarian aid, and provide volunteers to war-stricken countries around the world.

2. Kaaf Humanitarian

Kaaf Humanitarian is a local charity that helps with volunteer work and developmental projects in both Bahrain and outside the Kingdom. The website actually gives you the chance to contribute in projects like mosques, grocery stores, hot meals, water wells, and many more.

1. Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society 

The Sanabel Orphan Care Society in Bahrain works towards helping orphans in the Kingdom through social, health, developmental, and future care.


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